From time to time, I talk about stuff that I like (or don’t like – but I try to stick to the stuff that I like). I like to name names and provide links just in case you’re interested in trying the same things. I have not, to date, received anything from any brand that I have written about (or that I haven’t written about – nobody gives me nuthin’ ;)).

And, truth be told, I like it that way. I like the freedom to just write what I want, without feeling beholden to anyone, and without worrying that readers may question my motives. I read blogs with the occasional ‘sponsored post’ or similar. All by bloggers whose integrity I trust, otherwise I wouldn’t be reading them in the first place. And I respect their decisions to take this approach – even applaud it: the brands get something invaluable when bloggers say nice things about them, far more than they pay for, I think.

But, just so you know, in case you were wondering (and I assume you were wondering if you’ve come to this page) – I’m not doing that here. And if I ever start, the posts in question and this page will reflect that.


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