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The Walk of Awesome

The Walk of Awesome

I went for a walk once. It was awesome. As I trudged down the street, every footfall brought a thrill.

Oh look! Stairs! These are great stairs! How have I never noticed the sheer awesomeness of these stairs?? And what’s that? Concrete? Wow. This whole “walking” thing is something else. I should do it more often.

I was so excited about my walk, that I called DH at work. He didn’t seem all that impressed by my tales of concrete stairs, or the exhilaration of crossing Richmond Road at Carling. In fact, he seemed concerned. I daresay he was a tad short with me.

He has since been forgiven. After all, he had left me not long before, passed out on the couch and pumped so full of pharmaceuticals that I didn’t mind the gaps in my jaw that had once held wisdom teeth.

My memory of that day is, well, kinda blurry. I remember being in a small room, feeling woozy and listening to a nurse talk to DH as though I wasn’t there.  I remember waking up and trying to strike up a conversation with a nice man in a blue mask and – strangely – a pair of pliers. He seemed to be struggling with something. He didn’t seem that interested in talking to me.

I think they may have given me a little shot of something extra at that point.

Yes, much of that day is lost to the mists of time and chemistry, but I do remember the walk.  And I assure you that I have never had such a walk, before or since.

But today? Today came close. Actually, every time I get my butt outside and some tunes in my ears, it feels pretty damn good. Inertia is a funny thing – I’ll sit at my desk and bemoan the lack of time and energy to get out, when really I just need to DO IT. Because the law of inertia also states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. I need to remember that when I get going, I don’t ever want to stop.

Are you ruled by the law of inertia? What do you do to get going?


100 Club

100 Club

I’m in a bit of a slump.

Okay, so maybe it’s more like a cross between a free-fall and a mudslide. Either way, one thing I’ve been thinking about is that there’s too much thinking going on here.

I’ve also been thinking about the above statement and it’s making my brain hurt.

So let’s start again: I’m in a slump. And I’m not going to think about it. Instead, I’m going to do something. I’m going to join Miss Fish’s 100 Club Challenge. It’s about fitness – physical and mental. It’s about doing. It’s exactly what I need right now. My goal is simple, modest, and hence (presumably) doable: burn an 100 extra calories every day for the next 100 days.

Tomorrow, it will be a walk at lunch. I’ve already checked the weather, my runners are even at the office already. THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSES. I even have a plan B: 100 calories on the Wii in the evening if the walk doesn’t pan out.

I know I can’t think myself into a new way of living. It’s time to start living it.

Are you up for the challenge?