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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

I met with my family doc the other day, the one that provided such a helpful counterpoint to the therapist from hell. This time, we talked goals. Specifically, SMART goals.  SMART goals are:

Realistic, and

Makes sense, doesn’t it? And conveniently, I had been brainstorming some goals just that morning. They were:

  • journal my food
  • aim for a personal-best for calories every day until I get down to my goal range
  • recommit to the 100 club, burning 100+ extra calories every day for 100 days
  • do my physio exercises
  • do a plank a day
  • accept failure as reason to do better tomorrow
  • get enough sleep

I was about half-way through my list before Dr. C. started getting a little shifty. To his credit, he didn’t actually say “Whoa, Nellie!”, but the sentiment was there. The daily personal-best made him a little nervous and, as he pointed out, as the list gets longer, the whole Attainable/Realistic thing gets a little shaky.

Incidentally, I’m not really sure what the difference is between “Attainable” and “Realistic“. I suspect they’re both there because “SMAT Goals” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Unless you’re from Boston. Bahston? I digress.

So here are the goals we settled on:

  • journal my food
  • burn an extra 100 calories a day
  • physio every day

Sound attainable? Sound realistic? Yeah. Except I’m not actually meeting them.

So time to refocus. I need SMART goals, goals I can meet, but I also need to feel good. When I feel good, I do better, and success breeds success. I need HAPPY goals!!! Happy goals:

Plan to
Perk me into

Hey; if the so-called experts can shoehorn both Attainable and Realistic into their fancy-schmancy acronyms, then I get to Yodel.

So here are my HAPPY goals

  • eat at least 3 servings of fruits & vegetables a day. This is no where *close* to the 7-8 servings (!!) that the Canada Food Guide recommends, but it’s an improvement. Yeah, I’ve been eating that poorly. No wonder I feel gross.
  • do something to elevate my heart rate every day. I know this makes me happy. With any luck, it will make me really, really happy 😉
  • do my physio. I’ve been really bad about this, but I still think it’s attainable and it also lays the foundation for more physical activity.
  • check in with my fitness buddy every day – no matter how I did that day

and last, but certainly not least

  • check in with YOU by the end of next week to let you know how I’m doing

What are YOU going to do to get HAPPY this week?
(Keep it clean, folks. Keep it clean. ;))


To Blog Or Not To Blog

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Do you blog about weight loss? Even when you’re not losing?

What about when you’re not trying?

For weeks now, maybe months, my attitude can best be described as that of a petulant child who refuses to eat, or sleep, or do anything else that will make them feel better.

Except that all I want to do is sleep. And eat.

One of the things I’ve been asking myself  is whether it makes sense to keep blogging. Is it helping me? I feel like a fraud just writing about it and not actually doing it. So do I stay, or do I go? Am I a cheat, or am I a quitter?

Today, when I finally had some time to sit down and think about it (day off! kids in daycare! woohoo!), it occurred to me that I’m not the only one with these questions. Back in October, Deb (@DietSchmiet) wrote about her struggles, and that “blogging and obsessing about it has done nothing to ease my guilt or angst.”

Nope, me neither. But Deb is still blogging.

I also remembered a post from Skinny Emmie. Emily was asked on her Facebook page why she continues to blog if she’s not losing weight. Her response: I do it for me.

Well, that’s why I started blogging in the first place. And I still do it for me.

Don’t get me wrong: it thrills me to the tips of my madly-typing fingers when I hear that I’ve helped someone – but I guess you could say that that’s still for me.

So please, take it as read that I am not losing right now. My motivation is flagging, I’m bingeing until I feel ill. But if you don’t mind, I am going to keep writing. And when I manage to turn things around, believe me, you’ll be the first to know.

The bottom line (because I’m not a cheat. Or a quitter):

Caving to the Cravings

Caving to the Cravings

I don’t know about you, but I’m much better at doing something than not doing something. So if I do a work out, it’s done. I may not feel like it right now, I may not even enjoy it (rare, but it happens), but at least it’s done.

If I’m presented with a chocolate cake, and that cake is not the right thing right now, then I have to not eat the chocolate cake. And in 5 minutes, I have to not eat the chocolate cake. Seventeen minutes later – oh, look at that! I’m still stuck not eating it.  You never EVER finish not eating the chocolate cake.

Well, unless you can trick someone else into eat it for you, which some say is cruel.

I say survival of the most devious.

At any rate, self-control makes me crotchety. And when I’m crotchety, you can probably guess how I cope.

Source: via Pinterest

My downfall isn’t just chocolate cake, it’s the midafternoon doldrums, with the snack machine calling my name. It’s the evening munchies when I’m not actually hungry. It’s the dreaded weekly group meeting where everyone takes a turn bringing something yummy to eat. And not doing is not working for me.

So I’ve started brainstorming things I can do. Stuff to side-step, avoid, or replace the eating that I know I shouldn’t be doing. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Herbal tea. It keeps my mouth and my hands busy, at my desk or in meetings.
  • Play with my kids. Seems a no-brainer, doesn’t it? If we’re curled up on the couch with a book, mama can’t get to the chocolate chip stash. Win win.
  • Blog. There’s something fundamentally wrong with writing a weight-loss blog post with chocolate on your breath. Not that it hasn’t been done, of course.
  • Play guitar. Because if I picked up a guitar every time I wanted to open the fridge, I might actually be able to play a B-minor. (The “B” is for “brutal”, incidentally. Majorly brutal. Calling it “minor” is a cruel joke.)
  • Hop on the Wii. It may not be a hard-core workout, but it’s not eating, or even sitting on the couch. Another one of those win-win thingies.

How do YOU keep from caving to the cravings?

Crisis of Confidence

Crisis of Confidence
I’ve moved! Please come visit and see this post in it’s new home:

I think a lot about what I want this space to be. I like to be positive, most of the time. I like to give pep talks, for my own good as much as for anyone else’s.

But sometimes I worry that too much pep becomes disingenuous. As though this path that I’m on is sprinkled with rose petals as I skip along arm-in-arm with shiny happy people, and that even the bumps in the road are so horrible they’re funny. Well, I’m sure you know there aren’t many rose petals on the road to better health. And shiny happy people make me twitchy. Read the rest of this entry

This is it! Or is it?

This is it! Or is it?

So is this the proverbial “it”? Is today the day I get back on the wagon, start eating healthy (again)? Start losing weight? Again?

I found myself thinking this way this afternoon, as I downed my umpteenth cup of herbal tea instead of heading for the snack machine. As I started actively engaging in the Losing It community again because I wanted to, not just because I knew I needed to. Read the rest of this entry

Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy

“So YOU don’t think you’re depressed?”

The incredulous tone, the abrasive manner; these were not things I expected from a therapist. I stammered something about not having started my meds yet. I wanted to say, I’m breastfeeding. I wanted to say, I need to know what my options are. I was taken completely off-guard.

“Well,” she said through pursed lips, ushering me into her office, “first we will review the symptoms of depression.” Read the rest of this entry