5 Veggie sides that I will actually make (and eat)

5 Veggie sides that I will actually make (and eat)

I need to eat more vegetables. It really tells you something when I set 3 servings a day as a goal, and that this will be an improvement. If this is going to happen, I know that it needs to be easy, and I know that I need a list on the fridge so that I don’t actually have to *think* when it comes to food preparation. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • roasted root vegetables, with leftovers to mix with feta & greek dressing for lunches
  • sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and/or cherry tomatoes
  • soup – especially this yummy lentil soup, or Magic Black Bean Soup for using up leftover veggies
  • slaw stirfry (easiest stir-fry ever – packaged carrot slaw + sauce/dressing of your choice)
  • oven-grilled eggplant & zucchini (so glad I figured out how to do this, now I think I can survive the winter without my BBQ)

Any other ideas?
What’s on your go-to veggie list?

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  1. We use that stir fried slaw to make
    moo shu. We eat it on flour tortillas with hoisin sauce (you wouldn’t want to eat too much of either). It needs protein, so I use egg and sometimes edamame.

  2. Oh, I also often oven roast broccoli or cauliflower. 400-425F and it’s ready in 15-max 20 min (toss once or twice while baking). Just cut bite sized and place on baking sheet, lil oil optional. I add lemon and sea salt to the broc afterward or bake the cauli with cumin or fennel seeds.

    • I should really try this. I’m ok with broccoli – sometimes, in small quantities – but I’ll bet I’d like it better roasted than steamed/stirfried. And the lemon & sea-salt sounds really tasty.

  3. Roast cauliflower get DEVOURED at my house! Between me, my husband and three boys (ages 8, 5, and 3) I need to roast 3-4 heads at once! Other options for flavours are:
    – curry & dill
    – olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt
    – grated parmesan

    Have you ever tried green smoothies? A smoothie with green grapes, orange juice, banana, frozen mango and LOADS (ie, 3-4 cups) of spinach. I PROMISEPROMISEPROMISE you won’t taste the spinach! Just blend it up real well so there aren’t piece of spinach left.

    • Love the flavouring ideas!

      And, while I have to admit that the green smoothie makes me shudder – I will try it. I WILL! Mango and spinach are both on the grocery list for other dishes, and there will be leftovers. Clearly this is fated.

      But I’m still a little scared 😛

  4. Roasted cauliflower is fantastic. Chiffonade some brussels sprouts, saute them in some olive oil, salt and pepper (lots of pepper!) until browned. Shoot ’em with some fresh lime, cilantro if you have it. Kale chopped up fine, and wilted down in a wee bit of melted butter and milk that has been boiled until thick. toss it with salt and pepper, broil in the oven with a sprinkle of bread crumbs and parm. I love carrots in a balsamic glaze. I miss vegetables. why am i not eating more of ’em??

    • This all sounds so tasty! My mouth is watering too. For vegetables. VEGETABLES!!

      How long does it take to thicken milk? Can you do that the night before and put it in the fridge? And what is “chiffonade”?

      • Chiffonade means to slice fine…kinda like slaw. I boil the milk uund stir until thick..doesn’r take long…+ooh but I forgot an impoetant part….crushed garlic in the pan with the oil or butter and saute…

  5. I am all about the oven roasted vegetables, especially sweet potatoes. I have them pretty much every day. I am also bonkers about these brussel sprouts http://bitoffoodsense.com/2011/01/16/roasted-brussel-sprouts-with-caramelized-onions-and-toasted-pistachios/. We also like brussel sprouts boiled with vinegar in the water, even though boiling isn’t the best way to cook veggies I still do them like that once in a while.

    Cabbage slaw is also awesome for stir frys. I use it instead of rice for a base sometimes.

    There is also a good carrot slaw salad with raisins out there, but I can’t find it off-hand. I made it for the kids lunches a few times.

    Get the pre-cut or frozen veggies some of the time if you can make it fit into your budget. It makes it so much easier, especially when you’re working. I love the big bags of frozen broccoli; it’s one veggie that I’m somehow lazy about cutting and peeling. Frozen might cost a bit more, but it gets eaten and not thrown in the garbage when I clean the fridge.

    • Thanks Maranda! I’m starting to wonder if roasting might be the secret to eating the veggies I don’t like, like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. That recipe with the pistachios looks pretty yummy – and easy! Thanks! And I love the idea of a non-starch base to replace rice. I always do better when I cut back on the carbs.

  6. I don’t eat a lot of veges, so rely on stir fries to have capsicum (peppers to you?), carrot, snow peas etc. I eat A LOT of onion and garlic and tomato and regularly make a salsa thingy to go with my fish when I have it. I actually use frozen veges a lot cos I’m lazy, but also it’s less time consuming to do the chopping etc.

    Sadly my vegetable intake is WAY less than it should be!

    • Yep, capsicum = peppers. I don’t eat many frozen veggies, but mostly because I just don’t like them, but yes, it’s definitely the cleaning/chopping etc that gets in the way. Baby greens & baby carrots are good for that – minimal prep required. Ditto for those packages of shredded veggies.

      I’ve been noticing more and more pre-prepped veggies in the produce department – the sort of thing my mother would have sneered at with a “hmph. All you’re paying for is convenience.” I, on the other hand, look at it and say “Woo hoo! I can buy convenience!”