8 Man-Dates Without Munchies

8 Man-Dates Without Munchies

When I noticed a trackback on 19 Food-Free Friend Dates, I decided to take a peek. J commented that the list was “less guy oriented”. I’d say it was pretty unabashedly girly, myself.

I decided to even the score. So here, for your buddy-bonding pleasure, is a list of munchless man-dates:

Go-karting. I will never get go-karting. I assume, since my (predominantly male) colleagues keep threatening to make a group outing of it, that it must be a ‘guy thing’.

Fishing. I’m told that fishing requires scotch. But you’re stuck in a boat all day with nothing but what you brought with you (did I mention I don’t get fishing, either?), so if you can leave the bottle at home, you’re golden. Unless you have a penchant for DIY sushi.

Hunting. Hunting does not require scotch. If you disagree, please hook up with me on foursquare: I want to know that where YOU are is where I’M not.

Gourmet cooking. Yes, food is clearly involved, and some may even consider it un-manly, but bear with me: this was inspired by a male friend (who is also a hunter and angler), and is as happy as a pig in poo spending an entire day in the kitchen, provided it’s “gourmet”. And consider the added benefits of having a fridge full of tasty meals ready-to-go.

Zip-Lining. You probably want to leave the scotch at home for this one. Ditto for bungee jumping. Well, unless they occur over water.

Poker. Can poker happen without scotch? Can men do anything without scotch?

Scrapbooking. HA! Made ya look. Even I’d need scotch for this one.

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  1. Great – I can do without the Scotch quite nicely anytime, personally I would prefer a nice trail walk/run or go for a run as a date with my wife. Fishing is good it is outdoors, but not in a boat, go trout fishing in streams, Hunting as long as we are not around too many others is cool especially if it is Bow Hunting.

    Don’t forget kayaking or canoeing good date activities along with putting together a picnic and finding an out of the way place to enjoy it, a good bottle of red wine would go good with the picnic.


    • Love the picnic idea! We’ve done this with the kidlets – just a 20 minute walk to a lovely waterfront park, but then we get to wander the park, too.

      Also love the fact that you and your wife go on running dates together. DH isn’t big into that sort of thing, but long walks are still nice.

  2. I didn’t realize I had so much influence, I promise to only use my powers for good 🙂 Nice list. Unfortunately, most guy things involve at least alcohol so that we can eventually break through that wall to our feelings (‘I feel gassy’) and/or greasy food (‘i feel full’) 🙂

    go-karting is a good idea! Pool halls another! (tho gotta watch out for food/beer again – damn these businesses for

    • LOL. I have noticed that. Wine seems to make an appearance at a lot of female gatherings. The good news is, contrary to the “common wisdom” on the healthiness of beer vs. wine, beer is better for you than we used to think! I should go find the link to that research…

  3. Great list! Am not much of a girlie girl, but most of these REALLY didn’t appeal to me… am obviously not much of an outdoors type. ie. have only been fishing once but refused to touch the gruesome worms used as bait (let along some squid-ish stuff). Blech!

    I don’t actually know what zip-lining is, so guess I should google it.

    PS. Not a ‘spirits’ drinker (god forbid, I have enough unhealthy vices) so champers or red wines could help me achieve the gourmet cooking or poker activities. Though I too could turn to scotch if forced to ‘scrapbook’!

    • Good news first: you bypassed the spam bin today!!!

      Zip-lining is where you whiz from tree to tree, dangling from a rope (so you’re sliding along the rope). It also usually involves tree-top obstacle courses and rope bridges, that sort of thing.

      PS what is/are champers?

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  5. Paintball. You forgot paintball – the one activity that just about all my co-workers keep telling me isn’t that bad, then they come in the next day bruised and battered. No thank you guys. *g*