The Walk of Awesome

The Walk of Awesome

I went for a walk once. It was awesome. As I trudged down the street, every footfall brought a thrill.

Oh look! Stairs! These are great stairs! How have I never noticed the sheer awesomeness of these stairs?? And what’s that? Concrete? Wow. This whole “walking” thing is something else. I should do it more often.

I was so excited about my walk, that I called DH at work. He didn’t seem all that impressed by my tales of concrete stairs, or the exhilaration of crossing Richmond Road at Carling. In fact, he seemed concerned. I daresay he was a tad short with me.

He has since been forgiven. After all, he had left me not long before, passed out on the couch and pumped so full of pharmaceuticals that I didn’t mind the gaps in my jaw that had once held wisdom teeth.

My memory of that day is, well, kinda blurry. I remember being in a small room, feeling woozy and listening to a nurse talk to DH as though I wasn’t there.Β  I remember waking up and trying to strike up a conversation with a nice man in a blue mask and – strangely – a pair of pliers. He seemed to be struggling with something. He didn’t seem that interested in talking to me.

I think they may have given me a little shot of something extra at that point.

Yes, much of that day is lost to the mists of time and chemistry, but I do remember the walk.Β  And I assure you that I have never had such a walk, before or since.

But today? Today came close. Actually, every time I get my butt outside and some tunes in my ears, it feels pretty damn good. Inertia is a funny thing – I’ll sit at my desk and bemoan the lack of time and energy to get out, when really I just need to DO IT. Because the law of inertia also states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. I need to remember that when I get going, I don’t ever want to stop.

Are you ruled by the law of inertia? What do you do to get going?


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  1. Sasha, I’m often overcome with apathy. I’m trying to get around it by mixing my exercise up a bit and doing things I enjoy. But sometimes I have to negotiate with myself (with exercise or other things). I tell myself I’ll just get on the exercise bike for 10 minutes… ‘that’s all’. But once I’m on there I find I can keep going. Similarly if I have to do some writing or something I give myself a small goal but once I’m going I keep going.

    It’s starting to get hot here, but a few weeks ago I got off the train at the end of the day to walk home and noticed how lovely it was outside. The air was cool and the early evening beautiful. I reminded myself of that the next day and did a long walk at that time to make the most of the beautiful evening! (Something I should do more often!)


    • Hey Deb,

      I’m the same way – if I can just get moving, I keep moving. The other night when I went for a swim – and the only reason I went was I had promised a friend I would go. I was ready to do 10 or 12 lengths and call it a success – and I know you saw my tweet – it turned into 50!


      • I don’t know… sometimes I go back to see if the blogger responded to my comment and notice my comment isn’t there, so I must be hitting a few spam lists!?!

  2. I’m working on getting into the groove again too. I’ve been letting exercise slide of late, much to my chagrin. I always feel better when I exercise – I know this – which is why I don’t understand why I let these lapses happen. Well, no more! πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean Mel, even since writing this I have let it slide – again! And I’m feeling the consequences. Time to refocus. Again. #lesigh

  3. Such a great post! Walking is so great – I love how you notice so much more when you are at street level rather than zooming by and it’s a great way to catch up – trying to get out more after dinner and just go for a walk in the neighborhood!

    • Thanks Katherine! You are so right. I used to be more of a cyclist; not hard core, but walking was just too slow for my taste. It was pushing a stroller that made me start to appreciate it, now I love it!

  4. I have a huge problem with inertia. For me I have to plan ahead my errands or exercise, and then I cannot even think for a moment about postponing. I am very good at talking myself out of getting up off the couch.

    I envy putterers…I think they get a lot more things done.

    • Sometimes I can be a putterer – and the flip-side of inertia kicks in and I just keep moving. But that’s the exception, not the rule. I guess we just need to learn to use intertia for good instead of evil! πŸ˜‰

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