The Bottom Line: Time To “Me-Proof”

The Bottom Line: Time To “Me-Proof”

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been through the exercise of kid-proofing your house, and in particular your kitchen. Hot things, sharp things, nasty chemicals – all dangerous in little hands.

I think I’ve pretty much mastered the hot things. I can even handle the sharp things without incident – most of the time. Where I get into trouble is the sweet things. The chocolatey things. The peanuty things. The bag on the right? Its empty.

And now that bakesales have been banned in the schools, I can’t even blame it on some kind of altruistic baking bonanza.

The past week or so has been characterized by frustration, exhaustion, shame, and self-loathing. Most week-days I’ve been pegged: home time is dominated by kids. The work day gets trimmed at either end by family commitments so I can’t even justify a lunch hour workout. The pile of food wrappers in my waste bin grows, and I cringe as I imagine the thoughts of my co-workers, “no wonder she’s so fat.”

So I’m still on that downward spiral, misery-begets-bingeing-begets… well, you get the picture. But there’s one positive thing I can cling to: I’m still here. I’m still trying. I have some ideas I’m going to try this week, to me-proof the places where I spend the most time on destructive eating. So stay tuned :).

The bottom line:


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  1. oh dear… you are not alone! life gets in the way and I can lose a good habit in, uh… about 2 seconds… but I’ve learned that I can create/continue a new habit about as quickly. pick one thing… just for today…
    and – uh – can I join you? I have a big meeting/trade show so I’m potentially doomed…
    I think i’ll go eat MY breakfast right now (and pass on the donuts…)

    • Yeah, what is up with that?? It takes 21 days, or 52 tries, or 67 something-or-others to form a good habit, why is it so easy to drop it? And yet the chocolate habit sticks.

      PS, on first read, I thought you said “Pass the donuts” đŸ˜›

  2. Sasha, hang in there and it sounds like you are! I’m the sort of person who feels guilty taking a lunch break at work to go to the gym…. but am trying to remind myself that no one else cares!

    And I agree with Brie. Trying is good and that’s all we can do!

    • Yes! You’re right. I’m sure nobody is counting the hours I spend at my desk. A friend came by for lunch today, we decided to skip the lunch part and go for a walk. It was great. I’m hoping we do that again :).