It wasn’t pretty


Yesterday I promised accountability, so here it is:

Today I logged all my food. It wasn’t pretty. It got increasingly unpretty as the day went on. But I did it.

The numbers:

Starting weight (January 2011): 233 lbs
Current weight: 212 lbs
This week: +2 lbs
Overall: -21 lbs

That is all.


2 responses

  1. We have similar stats… I am 35 (in December) – have 2 loving children (ds is 4.5 and dd is 20 months) and a loving husband. I currently weigh 220lbs and am 5.6. I too “suffer” from clinical depression. I too had a difficult time accepting the “help” of meds because of bfing. I too co-slept (for 5 months with my dd). I am currently doing my first 90 days on the Power 90 workout (the one that is “easier” then P90x) and am on day 13 of 90 days. Accountability is my secret too… it is why weight watchers worked for me 9 years ago (before children). I look forward to havcing your blog to hold me accountable too! Good for you for having this public blog where you share so many private thoughts… thanks!

    • Wow, you weren’t kidding: we definitely have a lot in common. I wonder how often depression and weight issues go hand in hand, and which is cause and which is effect? I’m sure it’s all so tangled that it’s impossible to say.

      Weight watchers has worked for me also, but I like the immediacy of a social media support network.