This is it! Or is it?

This is it! Or is it?

So is this the proverbial “it”? Is today the day I get back on the wagon, start eating healthy (again)? Start losing weight? Again?

I found myself thinking this way this afternoon, as I downed my umpteenth cup of herbal tea instead of heading for the snack machine. As I started actively engaging in the Losing It community again because I wanted to, not just because I knew I needed to.

So is this “it”? Am I getting over my issues? Am I on my way?

And then I realized, what a silly question. This is not “it”. It never is. Today is just another day. tomorrow will be another day just like it. Today I need to make smart choices. And, as Katie pointed out, I need to forgive myself when I don’t. And then I need to go back to making them again.

Tomorrow, I’ll need to do the same thing. And the day after that. This is not “it”. This is life.

But am I on my way? I think so.


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  1. Here are a few thoughts. Mostly I’m sending you hugs.
    Every day, every meal, every moment is it. It is not a line that begins with a point and continues in perpetuity; it is more like a message in morse code, sent a few dots and dashes everyday.
    Meanwhile, you just survived a very challenging, very unpleasant life transition. If your energy went elsewhere for a couple of months, no big surprise. The very fact that you survived deserves major kudos. (pls remind me of this next sept!)
    For me and many women I know, this fall has not been pretty, in many ways. Let’s hope we can catch a break now! Change is in the air!

  2. Today *is* the day. The next decision *is* the decision. We are lucky to have so many chances to make a healthy decision. When we don’t, we should let it go because the next decision is right around the corner. We’re stringing togther of “it” days to build a healthier life. It’s hard to switch to a more self-loving way of thinking but you can do it.

    • Hey Barbara. I love your ‘glass half full’ attitude. The need to make so many good decisions, over and over, can be overwhelming – but looking at them as opportunities? What a great idea!