My Little Voice

My Little Voice

Do you remember Magnum PI? Am I dating myself here?

Younger types may instead remember Tom Selleck as Monica’s boyfriend, Dr. Richard Burke, on Friends. (Please tell me I’m not still dating myself).

One thing I particularly remember about that show, other than the moustache (oh, and the time Magnum almost got eaten by a shark), is the way we’d get periodic little insights into what Magnum’s “little voice” was telling him. He listened to his little voice a lot. And who could blame him? I could listen to that voice all day…



So, like, anyway… what does this have to do with, well, anything? When a good friend moved back to town, I was really excited to see her. I found myself constantly wanting to celebrate. My little voice kept saying things like

“Yay! You’re here! Let’s go out for dinner!”

Or even better,

“Yay! We’re at the mall! Let’s go have a Cinnabon!”

And that’s when my other little voice kicked in and said,

“The MALL? You want to celebrate a trip to the MALL?!?!

I’m proud that when my inner voice wanted to celebrate with a Cinnabon, my other little voice basically said “WTF?!?!”.  But aside from wondering just how many voices are still in there, I was also surprised at how much I still associated food with celebrating. Even celebrating a trip to the mall.

What do you celebrate? Does it have to involve food?


6 responses

  1. I want to celebrate everything with a sugary treat. Which just goes to show that I am looking for any excuse for something yummy and delicious. Can we really break that desire? It feels so permanent. sigh.

  2. I wish I knew. I can’t say that the urge to hit Cinnabon actually went away. I wonder if the trick is replacing it with something else. Lottery tickets maybe weren’t the best idea, it’s still a work (and probably a post) in progress.

  3. Sighhhhhh. Thaiiiiiiiii. I’m not sure this is a suitable discussion for a weight-loss blog ;). But it is a suitable discussion for a dinner party… when is good for you? 😉

  4. YES! the little wise voice, that ALWAYS knows….
    My challenge is to slow down and QUIET myself enough to hear it!
    There is always so much interference…