Tale of the Scale

Tale of the Scale

I’m still trying to find a balance between blogging and coding (I’m writing the next killer fitness app, dontcha know), and consequently failed to post an update yesterday (or even include one in my Losing It post! Ooops!)

So here they are, changes in me this week:

  • I’ve started making long-term goals. I have avoided this like the plague since starting in January – past efforts having been heavy on the planning and light on the execution. Watch for an upcoming post…
  • My legs feel stronger, more toned. All that running, this should hardly come as a surprise :).
  • The scale says I’m up 0.7, but I’m not that fussed about it. First, I lost 2 pounds last week, so overall I’m still doing ok. Second, I snuck in another weigh in this morning at it says I’m down 3. My scale is still messing with me. Maybe I should just move my weigh in to Tuesdays :P.

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  1. No one should weigh themselves on Monday! On the weekends we tend to eat more carbs and salt (processed foods, eating out, whatever) and both cause water retention. I “lost” pounds since yesterday, too.

    Glad to hear you feel ready for long-term goals to compliment your short term ones – strategy and tactics FTW.

    • You’re right. To say my ‘weigh in day’ is Monday is a bit of an oversimplification – I have a complicated system (a post in itself) where there are only 2 or 3 days when I DON’T weigh in. But it may be time to make those Saturday-Sunday-Monday 🙂