I made chocolate chip muffins with my 2-year-old today. It was a rockin’ good time, and involved lots of flour in lots of different places.

And then I ate 5 of them.

And guess what? I feel really gross. So gross that I don’t want dessert 4 hours later. So gross that I need to write it down so that I remember it for next time.

And you know the stupid thing? Ok, the stupider thing? I walk by the muffins still left on the counter and it’s all I can do not to grab another one.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m hoping that a helping of writing it down, with a side of public shame, might help stop me from doing it again (although let’s face it – I think I’ve already demonstrated that I have no shame).

I am, actually, a little surprised by just how awful I feel. I’m not officially doing low-carb, but I don’t eat much in the way of carbs. This hasn’t been so much an effort to cut carbs out as to get more of my calories from protein. And not out of some purist effort to be healthy, either: protein just fills me up more. For me, more calories from protein = less calories consumed, it’s that simple.

But back to those muffins. It eludes me just what it is about them that I find so hard to resist. Because they aren’t that good.


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