With A Little Help From My Tweeps


When I got up this morning, it was not by choice.

And after a long night – one of a string of long nights – I really didn’t think I would be physically capable of going out for a run. I knew I’d feel better if I did. I knew that there was even a decent chance that the baby would stop fussing and go to sleep. But I really didn’t think I could do it.

So instead I parked my butt on the couch and attempted to escape into Twitter. That’s when I saw this tweet:

KLrochon@amyboughner I am Exactly where you are right now. Thanks for the post. time to put on my sneakers & take the baby for a walk.

I was curious, so I followed the conversation back to Amy’s post. And it got me off my butt.

And you know what? I DID it. And it felt great. And, during an extra pass around the block, the baby fell asleep – which means I’ll have her entire nap to enjoy at home.

Thank you, Kerry Lee and Amy, you turned my day around.

No, nix that. WE did it.


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