You can call me “Intâk”

You can call me “Intâk”

My usual water bottle is of the straw-and-bite-valve variety. I like it for biking because you can drink one-handed without tilting your head back; which makes it work for driving as well. But I have to say I’m not fond of it for running, walking, or around-the-house drinking, it just seems like more effort than a glass.

Now how’s that for lazy?

Ever since reading this article, I’ve been on the look-out for something similar: one-handed but where you can sip (or chug) from it.

Yesteday, I picked up a new bottle. It’s an “Intâk”, geddit? Sounds like Ikea, but it’s actually made by Thermos and I bought it at MEC. I just took it for a run, and so far I like it. As a bonus, it has a ring around the base of the cap that you can use to track your intake.

Simple. I like. But I think he looks more like a “Sven”. I should talk to Mabel about getting him a nametag.

How do YOU hydrate?

This just in: It seems the honeymoon was short-lived. Things started looking rocky when I got home from my run and dumped water all over the stairs. You see, Sven is a little bit higher maintenance than my last water bottle: you have to actually close the lid when you are done. No brainer, right? That matters when you have no brain. Then, after writing this post, I promptly dumped water into my computer keyboard. That particular computer still isn’t talking to me. So WORDS TO THE WISE: this is not a bottle for the absent-minded or klutzy. If anyone can suggest one that is, please let me know.


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    • Thanks for the link! I have a Camelback too, I also worry because I have a 10 month old who likes to grab it and that valve has “choking hazard” written all over it!

  1. I don’t know if you’re still looking, but I have tried a few and now will only use the small bottles that you wear distributed around your waist on a belt. Any other way and I compensate in some way for the weight of the water and end up with stitches and other pains.

    • Thanks Finola, I will probably have to ask you about this soon – for the moment all my runs are with a stroller, so I have something to carry the water too! Honestly, I don’t know that I’m keen to run stroller-free. The last time I tried it I didn’t like it 🙂