A New Reward System


I want to tell you about what happened to me this weekend, about finding myself in the middle of a triathon, and about the kindness of ‘strangers’.

And I will. Later.

But in the spirit of untying the knots that I tie myself into for every freakin’ post, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you about my new goal:

If you happened to read this Losing It in Ottawa post, you’ll know that I stopped running because I was worried about the impact it was having on my milk supply. And I miss running, for many, many reasons that I will also save for future posts. But here’s the deal:

If can, for 3 days in a row:

  • log all my food,
  • stay within 100 calories of my goal (no less), and
  • drink a minimum of 2.5L a day (plus extra for exercise)

then I get to start running again.

Twisted, I know.

I also get to check into Coreen‘s rehab for italaddicts.


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