My List


This is a new blog, so I feel like I need some kind of introductory post. Which is silly, since I’m willing to bet that if you are here, we have probably already met on either Losing It in Ottawa or Rambles and Ramblings. Not to mention that what I probably need more is a nice theme, a header image, a name that makes some kind of sense…

What’s even sillier, is I’m going to steal from my introductory post on Losing It. So those of you who have read it already, feel free to move along to the scintillating bit of prose that is my next post, and the one that made me finally decide, after weeks of hemming and hawing, to start this blog.

But like I said, I figure a new blog needs an introduction. I’ll look after all that other stuff later.

There are a few ways I could approach this. I could tell you about my history with weight problems (long), or my plans (to lose weight). I could tell you about some of my challenges (I’m nursing, so have to be careful not to eat too little), or a few things I have going for me (did I mention I’m eating for two?).

Instead, I thought that the best approach would be to share a little list that I have stuck to my fridge.

My Girls

I have two amazing little girls, aged 10 & 30 months. More than anything, I want them to grow up with a mom who is healthy and happy, in an environment where healthy living isn’t something you strive for, it’s just something you do. You eat healthy food because it’s yummy. You go out and run around together because it’s fun.

Meeting New People

I have a confession to make: there was a meetup at Le Nordik a few months ago and I skipped it because I was scared. I was already self-conscious about meeting new people, but in a bathing suit? Fat chance. So to speak. [Update: I finally did a Le Nordik meetup, and with such a great bunch of ladies that I didn’t feel self-conscious about anything but my blue-and-yellow polkadot housecoat. Maybe the sandals-and-socks]

Ikea Furniture

A growing family, it seems, comes with a growing collection of allen keys. I’ve become remarkably adept at dragging half-finished pieces of furniture back and forth across the floor on chunks of cardboard packaging, and contorting my body in the most impressive fashion, all from a seated position. Anything to avoid having to constantly stand-UP-SIT-down, and (heaven forbid) kneel.

Clothes Shopping

I’ve loved reading Sara’s posts about clothes shopping. I have even made my own modest contribution to the genre. But as wonderful as it was when I first discovered that there were plus-size stores, it was even better when I briefly flirted with not having to shop in them anymore. That was a long time ago now, but I remember how good it felt, even when the dress I wanted was too big in a plus 16, and too small in a regular 18.

Yeah. What’s up with that?


Yes, I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Why? Beats the pants off of jumping out of a bad one, for starters. It is also an amazing rush: I’ve done it, and I have the photo of me in a great big orange jump suit to prove it.

No, you can’t see it.

But it’s not just the photos (which are bad enough). It’s no fun flying with extra baggage while a harness cuts into your thighs (or worse). Same principle applies to skiing (urgh – knees), biking (butt!!!), and sailing (seriously, if I wanted more ballast, I’d bring more rum).

So that’s me. Why are you here?