I think my scale is messing with me.


So let’s get this out of the way right now: there is no way I have lost 3 pounds in 24 hours.

Not ‘real’ pounds, anyway.

I have this special arrangement with my scale, specifically to avoid this sort of thing: I weigh myself 3 times: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. On Monday, I record the average of the three. I find this (usually) smooths out some of the ups and downs.

Last weekend I got X.5-X.0-X.5. This weekend: X.0-X.5-X.0 (Yes, I’m being coy). This gave me a whopping 0.1 down for the week. Whatever. I’ll take it.

But today? The day after the official WI? Down 3. I did not lose 3 pounds in 24 hours! So, was I high yesterday? Low today? Maybe I should just stop with the ‘in-between’ weigh ins – 3 times is probably more than enough already. What do you think?

How often do you weigh yourself? How much do your numbers fluctuate?


3 responses

  1. I weigh myself 2 times a day – morning and night. Sometimes more.

    I feel like I use it well, not obsessively. And I can often jump 3 lbs in a day (but it won’t last unless I am consistent) and I can certainly lose up to 5 lbs overnight 😉

    • I’ve been known to do it more than once a day, too. It is interesting how much it can fluctuate. That’s why I never liked having a noon/evening WW meeting – the weigh-ins just seemed so unfair!

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